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First, an important clarification.  The WASL graduation requirement applies to students who first entered 9th grade in the 2004-05 school year.  If your child first entered 9th grade before then, he/she is not subject to the new graduation requirements.  I know you didn’t mention anything about this, but I thought I’d add that clarification before we get too far along in this conversation.


Second, you can use this reply as an “official” response from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Finally, your 10th grade child may participate in the retest in August 2006 or the spring test in 2007, and in other testing opportunities at a later time.  In order to pre-register for the August testing, your child will need to know his/her State Student ID number; those  numbers should be available from the counseling staff at the high school, if not: contact your school district’s assessment coordinator.  Pre-registration dates for the August testing are June 9 through July 9.  Contact my office during that time for the internet address and/or the toll-free number.


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Joe Willhoft, Ph.D.

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Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction


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Mr. Willhoft,


I am a mother of a current 10th grader who I have decided to opt out of WASL testing. For the last year I have been under the impression that if you decided to opt your child out of the WASL in the 10th grade, and if WASL is not eliminated as a graduation requirement for the class of 2008 and beyond that the child will still have four opportunities to take the WASL after their 10th grade year.


Recently there has been some talk in my area that this is not true and that if you opt your child out of the WASL in the 10th grade they will not be allowed the opportunity to take the WASL in later years.


I have been on the OSPI website and it states conflicting information on this issue.


I would appreciate you getting back to me right away with the official stand that OSPI takes on this issue along with any and all documentation on this issue as the testing times are fast approaching.



Lisa Sampson