District leaders need to stand against the WASL travesty

September 19, 2005 The Daily World


As the organizer of Mothers Against WASL, I was impressed with Superintendent Marty Kay's ultimate response to the WASL travesty that took place in the Aberdeen community last spring, when a fourth grade student was suspended for not being able to answer a WASL problem. A full investigation took place and a full apology was made by Mr. Kay to the student.

Unfortunately, the recent comments of Mr. Kay, which seemingly accept the WASL as a good, "clear" standard, do not display the same level of concern for students and families of
Aberdeen that he displayed last spring. It seems Mr. Kay, like many other district superintendents around the state, is in denial that the WASL has taken over our schools and the lives of our children.

The WASL is not just a test. It is an entire educational philosophy that is driving poor curriculum and educational procedures statewide. Our children are being denied a well-rounded education because we are pushing, always pushing, to pass the almighty WASL.

It's time for the Marty Kays of the world to stop waffling and take a stand alongside the Jim Fetts and the Mothers Against WASL, publicly calling for the WASL's demise!

Juanita Doyon, Director

Parent Empowerment Network