NCLB (No Child Left Behind)
As I speak to people I notice a lot of misconceptions concerning how WASL and NCLB are connected. 
So let me attempt to clear up a few of the myths I've heard.
FABLE:  We need WASL to fulfill our obligations to NCLB
FACT:  NCLB requires that we test, it does say what years and what subjects are to be tested but it 
does not say what test we must use to do that testing. ITBS would meet the requirements of NCLB.
FABLE:  The State tells us that NCLB says we must use a state test as a graduation/exit exam.  
FACT:  Nowhere in NCLB does it say or require us to use WASL as a graduation/exit exam.
FABLE:  NCLB is a good thing; it's going to improve schools and make 
sure teachers are highly qualified. 
FACT:  NCLB will not improve schools and will not improve the quality of teachers. Some of our best 
teachers are leaving the profession because they cannot teach in a way that will be most beneficial 
to their students.  100% of Students in 100% of schools are to meet proficiency levels by the year 2014. 
This will likely never happen, as not everyone is proficient in every subject. When it doesn't happen, 
private industry will move in and take over our "Failing" schools.
FABLE:  An increase in a school's score from one year to the next will satisfy AYP.
FACT: Due to recent agreements with the federal government the level of improvement was decreased
for a short time to give states time to set up their state testing. But a balloon payment of approximately 
10% increase a year in scores will come due to meet AYP and 100% by the year 2014.
FABLE:  Limited English Proficient (LEP) and students on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) can be brought up to meet NCLB standards.
FACT:  If you bring these students up to standard then they no longer fit into the categories of LEP or IEP. 
If they are brought up to "standard" they lose the designation of those categories. For instance, an LEP 
student brought up to "Standard" is considered to be proficient in English and exits the LEP program.  
These are a few of the most commonly asked questions or misconceptions.   
Our state superintendent is using the excuse of NCLB to further her WASL agenda and to scare the public into submission. 
Shelley Anderson
Executive Board Member
Parent Empowerment Network