With the recent release of 2005 WASL scores, State Superintendent,
Terry Bergeson, spouted her usual rhetoric about how wonderful the
scores are and how well WASL is working.  Here are some percentages
of students that passed all required subjects from the
School District that paint a different picture. 

4th grade:  48% passed
5th grade:  34% passed
7th grade:  46% passed
8th grade:  39% passed
10th grade:  45% passed

Let me put it in simple words, MOST OF OUR KIDS FAILED WASL!
Or could there be another explanation?  Could the test be flawed? 
Incorrectly scored?  Could WASL protesters be bringing down the

Edmonds School District had a whopping 278 WASL tests that were
refused to be taken! 
Edmonds is home to some politically savvy
parents that can see through the WASL agenda and refused to let their
children participate.  Many of us protesting WASL are not afraid that
our children will fail and we are not protesting high standards.  We
are protesting a test that is developmentally inappropriate at most
grade levels and excessively expensive (WASL costs up to $72 per
test, when other tests are available for $3).  We are protesting a
test that does not properly consider or accommodate children with
special needs and that will unfairly punish students, teachers and
schools.  We are protesting a test, and the curriculum that surrounds
it, that has received failing scores from national organizations and
that only serves the needs of the minority and not the majority.

But please don't take our WASL scores too seriously, they really
don't mean a thing.  Yes, the test is flawed; yes, the test is
incorrectly scored and yes, WASL protesters are making a difference.

-Kathy Storkersen>,
Mother of three WASL-free kids