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WASL In The Press

Seattle Weekly Article The Stress Test

Snohomish County high schools had the biggest share of students who refused the test last year.

Don't toss out teens for test scores.

WASL is a big expensive mistake

Teacher accused of helping son with WASL

WASL tweaks to take effect

Secrecy of process helps no one

Some parents allowed to see kids' WASLs

Do teachers coach during WASL testing?

Parents can now view children's WASL tests

Richland school officials battle extra WASLs

The WASL looms large

Senator targets WASL testing

Tri-City students begin WASL testing

Students protest WASLs on Lakeway

WASL points kids to success and PEN's response

Parents can view test booklets

No Child Left Behind Act and WASL will leave kids behind

Options for those who fail WASL explored

Students take WASL to task

Many special education students struggle with exams; Idaho tests allow for more flexibility than those in Washington

WASL Opposition Gathers: Parents Say Test Fails to Measure Kids' Knowledge

WASL fans, foes seek middle ground

Just Say No To WASL

Listen to educators on the WASL

Mothers Crusade Against WASL

WASL: Truth Be Known

Throwaway test question may cause lower scores

Parents decry WASL survey

Worries About WASL / Spokesman Review
PEN's Response

Students Testify Against WASL

Whats Up With That
Arlington HS Student Newspaper

Students Won't Answer WASL Survey

WASL: A costly lesson in ineffective spending

Removing Scores From Transcipts

The WASL Dilemma
By Don Orlich, The Pacific Northwest Inlander 3-15-2006

Full WASL report may be delayed until fall
By Linda Shaw, Seattle Times 5-4-2006

The complexities of administering this year's WASL
By Stephen Kramer, WEA Website 5-19-2006

WASL scoring parts 1 and 2
KPLU Aired 5-25-2006

Even WASL scoring is flawed
Kristin Kline
Everett Tribune