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Class of 2008-- the REAL RATES

OSPI continues to claim an 87% pass rate for WASL reading and 86% pass rate for WASL writing. These percentages are disputed by Washington Education Association, ACLU, Equitable Opportunity Caucus, Parent Empowerment Network, and others.  Click here  for the real story on diploma denial for the class of 2008.



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  to read complete press release, student email, and letter to Governor Gregoire

PEN calls on Governor to take action!

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  to read the April 6, 2007 letter.

Additional Press Releases:

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WA removes student test section depicting migrant farmworkers
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WASL WALK and a Letter to the State Superintendent

Mothers and others walked against WASL on March 13th. The walk began on the Capitol steps in Olympia and ended at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, where the following letter was delivered to Dr. Teresa Bergeson.

March 13, 2007

Dear Dr. Bergeson;

As of today, 51,929 members of the class of 2008 who have not passed the WASL are scheduled to be denied diplomas. Based on their 7th grade WASL performance, we can estimate that at least 35,000 members of the class of 2009 and 30,000 members of the class of 2010 will be added to the WASL casualty list.
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WASL & Special Ed investigation

If you are a parent of a high school student with an IEP or 504 Plan, and are concerned about the WASL�s impact on your special education student, please complete a Parent Survey to assist DRA with its current investigation.


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WASL Reasoning

As a leader in the growing revolt against the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL), I have counseled parents and students, throughout the state, concerning their right to opt out of the test. Many schools are very reasonable and simply accept a parent-signed note and provide alternative activities during testing times.Unfortunately, a few districts have found it appropriate to use coercion, scare-tactics and outright lies to get students to take the test and parents to change their minds about opting them out.

At the request of frustrated parents, I have developed a short position statement.Supporting evidence can be found in books and articles on testing, and in the public records concerning WASL itself. However, the following should suffice to quiet even the most obstinate school official

The WASL is a wasteful, invalid, unproven, abusive experiment. My child is not your data or the state's guinea pig. There is no law stating that s/he must take the test. There is no program that recognizes WASL scores for admittance or placement, and if this school is utilizing them in this manner, perhaps a lawsuit will take care of that. The legislature has not certified that the WASL is appropriate for any use other than the development of an accountability system for schools. I do not trust the questions; I do not trust the scoring; and until the state decides that it is my right to view my child's scored test and all scoring guides, with an advocate present, I will not allow my child to take part in this secret assessment.

Juanita Doyon, Director Parent Empowerment Network

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